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Basic Service

This service is recommended for Quartz watches that have not had service work for four years or more. All gaskets are checked and replaced if necessary. The battery is replaced and the movement is tested. The case is tested for water resistance.

Battery Service

Replace watch's battery, gaskets, re-seal, water test, steam clean case and bracelet.

Complete Movement Service (Overhaul)

A Complete Overhaul at Swiss Watch Repair will be completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned in a 4 step ultrasonic cleaning process. Once clean, we'll reassemble the watch where each part is carefully inspected, adjusted, and lubricated with many different types of the synthetic horological watch lubricants. Once the watch is reassembled, we will check for water resistance and then time it on an electronic watch timing machine for best possible timekeeping. Finally, each watch goes through a 48 hour "run in" period to ensure proper operation and good timekeeping.

Crystal Replacement

Watch crystals can break or crack from impact or dropping a watch on a hard surface. There are three types of crystals such as acrylic, mineral and sapphire. A sapphire crystal is the most expensive, scratch-resistant and durable type of crystal. We can replace almost any watch crystal.

Crown / Stem Replacement

This is a critical area for a watch's water resistance. A new crown will restore the watch's appearance; prevent the delicate movement from being affected by dirt and moisture (water). It will insure the appropriate level of water resistance.

Refinish Case and Bracelet

Refinish case, clasp, and bracelet to factory standard including screws.

Dial Refinishing

Dial refinishing adds new life, beauty to the watch; we meticulously refinish your dial to its original factory specifications.

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